Defence Health

Defence Health
September 25, 2016 Joel Flint







Located in the heart of Melbourne, Defence Health has been providing not-for-profit health insurance for the Australian Defence Forces and the wider defence community since 1953.



As a rapidly growing company, Defence Health wanted to create a space that that was inspiring and practical for staff and reflected their customer-focused corporate identity, with a strong focus on flexible working.

Defence Health requested that demolition and installation were restricted to weekends. It was vital to their operations that staff could work through the week without any disruptions.



Business Interiors was appointed to the project because of our unique end-to-end approach that maintains cost-effectiveness. From the very start, we worked closely with Defence Health. Prior to developing the plans and sourcing products, our team spent many hours going through the space, gaining an understanding of how the various teams work and what Defence Health wanted from a future office. Each business unit came with its own unique design challenges. For IT, there was the need for a particular workspace configuration, whereas HR and Finance required higher partitions and lockable storage for privacy.

Every design element of the office, from furniture to electrics, was carefully contemplated to ensure the final solution would make the best possible use of the space. Business Interiors project managed the planning, design, procurement, demolition, installation and even electrical work to ensure the space was completed on time, to budget and with the highest standard of finish.

The new design makes use of the latest flexible furniture solutions, including an increased height-adjustable desk ratio to meet future needs. These pieces will only grow in popularity as more employers consider the effects of the physical working environment on productivity.

The office now feels incredibly light and spacious, thanks to lower partitions and a fresh on-brand colour scheme created in collaboration with Defence Health’s marketing team.

Perhaps the biggest advantage for Defence Health is that the space has led to more collaboration between staff. Employees can now easily see and connect with people around them. And this will surely intensify when Business Interiors returns to complete phase two of the project, introducing new meeting areas, breakout spaces and a reception, later this year.